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    When giving a client an estimate for landscape install, do you show your labor price on the quote or do you have it built into your price per plant? For example one 3 gal container installed:$40 or Just show the price of the plants and at the end show fees and contingencies?
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    I'm new and not large on the design/install side so take my advice for what you paid for it but it's generally in your best interest to present a bid such that a customer can't calculate your hourly labor rate. There are multiple ways of presenting it, which you choose is up to you. It's unfortunate that this is the case but as long as this industry carries the reputation of import workers and high school dropouts it will remain true.
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    We do not do any line item pricing at all in our proposals. We do not do estimates, an estimate is just that, an estimation of what you think it may cost. Unfortunately in this industry people do not except mid job price increases, such as what usually during a home remodel/construction.

    Our Proposals show one price for the completion of the job described in the proposal. If there is a feature we think the customer should strongly consider adding on, such as irrigation, lighting, upgrade to larger plants, gas fire pit instead of wood, basically anything we think will make a big difference but will put the job above the budget, we will list those as seperate optional lines on the proposal
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