Design flaws in trucks?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tcls83, Feb 6, 2006.

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    Does anyone have small problems you discover in your trucks due to poor design from the factory?
    I have a couple I can think of off the top of my head-

    Had an 86 F350- Whenever I plowed with it, it liked to run hotter than normal no matter how the blade was positioned when traveling. Some people told me they were all like that. I put in a cooler thermostat which helped the problem a little better. I'd think they would be designed to handle a plow.

    Weak Door hinges on older Chevy's- In the Chevy's I've owned (2) or driven, at least one of the doors always sagged. I've always had to play around with the strike pin or play with the latch to keep it closed. I've gone around corners before where the driver's door would open up on me before.

    Cup holders on 94-97 Dodges- Those cup holders are the worst. 3 times I've put hot coffee cups in those and if you happened to turn on to a street fast or go over a speed bump at the right angle, the coffee would tip over and spill all over you and the floor of the truck. Now I hold the coffee cup in my lap more often.
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    I think I've isolated the problem. You drive too fast
    1. Overheating engines
    2. Tipping and shooting cups out of cup holders.
    3. Turning corners so fast the doors open.
    Im just kidding. You get design flaws in every product out there. I dont there is a product out there that doesnt have at least one aspect of it could be improved or made differently. Its the nature of the game.

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