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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Airwave, Dec 6, 2007.

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    I think the rock from the water feature, highlighted with the pinks, lavenders, soft blues, whites, and greens would be the ultimate here. I think the colors are very wrong in the picture.... They should highlight the structure not draw your attention away. That house is made from rock for a reason, it should be the focal point of the landscape.

    I think that the gardens should draw attention upward toward the house... not away from it. I haven't been to landscaping school but that makes sense to me.
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    See what you think of this estate shown on the American Garden Museum.

    Although the massive grounds permit some other hardscape and structures, the building seems to be enveloped in voluminous amounts of foliage and blossoms.

    This estate might make an extra study tool for this kind of residence.
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    This is the growth to the rear just to the right of the house cut and pasted into the island. I'm not saying that these are plants to use. I'm only trying to show that as a composition, this spreads out the landscape and draws your eye into the space rather than loading the island (which makes the rest of the landscape fall off in my opinion).

    It is just a different approach for a different effect. Something to think about and maybe to build off using your own plant choices and style, but think about the entire composition and how it affects the bigger picture not just the island. Sometimes less is more.

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    My vote is still for low profile in the island on most of it - simple. Like Kinnickinnick, or in this image, trying for a wooly thyme look.

    The house would look supreme with some vegetation, as well.

    Everybody's got their $29 image programs out now :dancing:

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    I am overwhelmed with the replies truly wonderfull thanks so much. You have given me much food for thought. I agree I hate the yellow too just looks way out there and with regards to the red then becomes to hot too. I could write loads just about the hole story surroundin this project but probably bore you. Anyway had meeting with client Topiary is out. Client thinks it is too much and they dont want to show of strange when you have a castle an outhouse bigger then my house and 12 stables.. Anyway I do understand what she means.

    I think all the ideas you all have come up with sound good and I am going to make some new designs for her, now that I have a bit more of a feel of what they want and with some of the tips given here I think I should get it spot on.

    Water feature is out of the question she has a pond which is just a mess no planting and is in desperate need of a thorough clean I think you could walk over the top with the crap that is in it. She has fab fountain in seperate part of garden never switched on so dont want to go that route . If I have the balls to do it I will post up my new designs.

    Thank you all again for your input was really nice and helpfull too. Doesnt it make you feel good to help other people from time to time especially when it did not cost anything.

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