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    Everyone that reads this, please all info is greatly appreciated...

    I'm new to the design/install part of this business and was wondering what kind of contracts you guys use...

    Examples, ideas, what should be on it, links to other threads about this, samples, templates.... anything thanks!!

    Contracts dealing with plantings, hardscape walkways, patios, steps, ponds, pools, etc... thanks!
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    I've got a great contract. My attorney originally drew it up for me years ago. So it covers just about everything you could think of. I'm glad to share it with you. Just IM me with your email address and I'll send you a copy.

    Of course, every state is different. In my state there are like 9 very specific requirements that HAVE to be in the contract for it to be legal. The state Landscape Contractors Board dictates what these requirements are. So check your local state board for more details. But I am happy to share the one that I use with whoever (unless you're from my area...haha....then you can go get your own!!!) :laugh:
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    JIM You have a PM buddy.
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    Contract Terms & Conditions
    - Landscape plants are warranted for a period of one year from the date of completion. Warranty is only valid is the plant material has been properly maintained and is not subject to unforeseen circumstances.
    _ Hardscapes craftsmanship is warranted for a period of 3 years from the date of completion. Warranty does not cover issues regarding patio sand.
    - All paver installations include the use of polymeric sand to help prevent sand erosion and weed growth.
    - Warranties on materials shall be covered by their respective manufacturers.
    - This proposal is valid for 30 days.
    - A 20% deposit is required at signing. An additional 30% deposit is required before work shall commence. The final balance of this signed contract is due upon completion. Late fees will be assessed to all delinquent accounts.
    - Any additional work or changes to this contract shall be handled separately from this agreement.
    - Deposits are non- refundable after the 3 day customer right of recidivism.
    - Not responsible for hidden, unforeseen, or buried objects.
    By signing this contract I personally guarantee and accept the terms and conditions of this contract.

    ________________________________________________ ___________________
    Homeowner Date
    ________________________________________________ ___________________
    Dublin Landscapes- Justin Kelly- Owner Date

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