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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by PhilR, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. PhilR

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    Can anyone tell me how to go about pricing a landscape design? A potential client wants me to come out and advise how to design their flower beds, etc. Then present the deign for THEM to do, etc. They would like to do the labor work themselves but want me to assist in designing. As you can tell, this is my first doing such a thing without actually doing the labor as well. Therefore, how do I present them a price?
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    I usually charge a flat fee of $200 for coming up with a design and plant list. If the customer wants me to install too, i deduct the design price from the install bill. Before i didnt really think to charge that much but i had a few customers steal my designs and do the work themselves, leaving me out to dry. So now i require payment before they recieve anything.
  3. KenH

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    Same as NCSU, but 250 for the design.....taken off If I install.
  4. Peach

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    $50 an hour. Deducted from labor if I install.
  5. GLAN

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    Pending the size of the design and how complex

    $200 - and up. Paid in advance. Deducted when installed
  6. mdvaden

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    At my site

    in the Estimates page is my pricing guideline.

    Today, I looked at a front yard. About 35' by 35'. Sometimes, I do a sketch on one like this - about 1 hour.

    Roughly laid out, with an estimated number of plants in certain areas, but not really to scale.

    Its an affordable way to do it if you are good at determining how much fits. The final detail happens during install.

    I don't hand over that sketch without a $75 or so charge.

    Estimates are free, consulting is not. If they accept, sometimes I cut the sketch fee in half. But no design plan charge gets cut.

    Rock walls (big) with gaps are one area to estimate group of plant numbers, rather than plot locations - it could take a day sometimes to plot every gap and list the plant - Just list how many plants of what type and then plant them in the gaps.

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