Design process/checklist - any thoughts?

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
Do any of you guys (or gals) use a "checklist" of any sort when doing designs?

I am in the process of creating a checklist that can be used when developing not only a design, but an estimate to go along with the design. But, I'm not yet sure what I want the end result to be. What I have started is a general checklist to go through with the client at the intial meeting, and it can then be used as the design is developed.

I could see using this as a way to bill for the designs, a way to keep track of time spent developing the designs and doing research for the project, etc, etc.... But, like I said, I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet.

I realize that every company has a different style, but I'm interested in input. I think it's a good idea (of course, it was MY idea!:D), but I just don't know how to proceed with it.