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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by neversatisfiedj, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. neversatisfiedj

    neversatisfiedj LawnSite Bronze Member
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    What do you guys use to draw jobs up ? I want to start using PC to draw up jobs instead of my chicken scratch. LOL
  2. Drafto

    Drafto LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use ProLandscape by Drafix, pricey but worth it. If I could just find the time to figure out how to get the pavers to look right with the photoeditor I would really be happy with it!
  3. Dreams To Designs

    Dreams To Designs LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Remember, it is drafting software or/and 3D imaging software. It is not really design software, as it doesn't help in "designing". I also use Drafix's Pro Landscape. As said it is not cheap, nor is it easy to master. When it is mastered in both plan and imaging, it is a great tool. But, that is my business, I design, consult and manage landscape projects. I still do and will always use paper and pencil for sketchs and concept plans. If you draw well and your projects are simple, stick to the paper and check out the software ot the software publishers sites and check them out at shows. It is both an investment in money and time. EP Henry is one of the paver manufacturers that sells a software package that enables "designs" with thier pavers. I have not used it, but am told, it is limited but does a good job for paver installations. If your projects are more involved or beyond your drafting abilities, find a local designer that can help you, & sell more and bigger jobs. They may even be able to add a new dimension to your work.

  4. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We used to use EP Henry Design Imaging. Currently, we use Pro Landscape. If you are an Authorized Contractor through EP Henry, they now offer design imaging. For a fee, they will do the computer work for you. We don't use this service, but for some, it could be a good thing.
  5. Drafto

    Drafto LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey Mike. Are you any good with the imaging on Pro Landscape, I cannot get the pavers to look good for the life of me, do you have any luck with it?

  6. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
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    One of my guys does all of the design work with Pro Landscape. I used it once.

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