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    do a flow test and sleep better
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    Now I'm back to the main problem. I really want to use the mp rotors but there are different opinions since I need a mp that will reach 20ft. Even when I call Hunter dealers I get one that says the mp2000 will do 20ft with no problem and another dealer who states you never wont to choke down a mp3000 so now I am all confused! :confused:
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    Try a few of each head on a test stand right on the site. Don't mislead yourself that the MP Rotators are vastly superior to other rotors.
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    problem with that is it is not a good test for max radius.
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    We have been using MP's since they came out until last year. It is OUR opinion that although some may see it differently, there are MUCH better choices that using MP's especially for turf only zones. They have their place in some designs, but if we need a rotary nozzle we VERY much prefer those from Rainbird. We got tired of replacing the Hunter MP nozzles due to all of the well know issues.

    Since you are in the Nashville area and La Vergne especially, the soil which is really 60% clay and 40% rock you will be cycle soaking those MP's for 12-15 min 3 times a day in the summer. 18' spacing is MAX for the 3000's with head to head coverage, again in our opinion. 16 years experience, well over 5000 systems in the ground and we have over 100 systems installed in your city.

    I give you a lot of credit for attempting the install on your own and it could be very rewarding. That is actually how we got started along time ago. You maybe lucky and you could be sitting on a good piece of land, but I was not joking when I mentioned the rock / soil. It is so bad, one of those walk behind trenchers could very well not do the job. We run fully welded shark chains on all of our machines 365 days a year. The combo chains do not hold up, so this is just consider this when you look at equipment for your project.
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    What are these well known issues? I've had no problems out of our MPs, one system I work on has the original MPs (before hunter bought the company out, forget the name of it) and they work great.
    18' max on 2000s or 3000s? We run 3000s at 30' no problem. I think the 2000s can go out to 20' under the right conditions but I do agree it seems like they average around 18'
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    Isn't the claim for mp rotators is that the du is so much better to conventional that you can have up to 40% lack of head to head and that is the equivalent of head to head with conventional.

    I only install new mp zones if the lawn is curvey . Upgrading poorly designed spray zones is fun though I do that a lot
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    Du what the hell is that
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    Yes I'm a dumb
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