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    Distribution uniformity . How even the water is being applied throughout the area it is covering
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    I love installing MPs on irregularly shaped lawns because you can mix and match different sizes and arcs (i.e. corner with 3000s).
    I also like using 3000s on large lawns. Easier to install/adjust than rotors plus they fill the gap between 15' sprays and rotors at 35'-> radius.
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    yeah like i said, i love MP's...but that doesn't mean they are superior to anything else

    the last 4 installs have been MP's, exclusively...i'm starting to get a lot of experience with them, as in REAL WORLD distances they can reach, how well the side strip nozzles actually work, pressure regulated bodies vs. non pressure regulated bodies, how many you can fit on a zone (quite a few), etc...

    what i like most about them is how many you can fit on a can usually fit whole front yards or larger sections on one zone without over doing it, plus it looks a lot cooler when you have 15 or so heads working at the same time (i know i know, not important)
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    We actually have had issues with the side strip nozzles when the zone is on the end of its carrying capacity...mainly when added to zones of Mp3000. The mp3000 have larger streams, therefore less resistance than the side strip nozzles. So what happens is the mp3000 work great and the side strip not so much.
    It is important. Customer's like the sprinkler system to be visually appealing like the landscape and lots of MPs are just that. I love seeing 10+ running at a time. Always a great feeling.
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    Ok so I'm back to my original question. On a lawn 80x40 would I be using mp2000 or mp3000? Looks like I'm in the sweet spot(not really) where 20ft is to long for mp2000's and not long enough for mp3000's. Seems like the concensus is that mp2000's will only hit about 18 feet out in the field and not 21 feet per specs. This leaves my only choice as choking down mp3000's to get to 20 feet? Maybe mp's don't really fit my design and I should go with something else? :confused:

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    What is your static and dynamic pressure? If your dynamic pressure is 50+ you might get 20' out of the 2000. I guess the other option would be to use 30psi regulated heads with the 3000 and knock them down. One smart person on this site has said the 3000 will reduce to 23' with this combo. I've never tried this but everything this person has told me I've found to be correct. There will be overspray but better than dry spots.
  7. Mikegyver

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    As long as you can keep 45-55 PSI under the head (Per the Hunter chart) you should be fine. This is where doing hydraulics on this zone would h-elp. But from what it looks like you should be fine.
    With a 5/8-3/4 meter I wouldn't run more than 12 GPM per zone. But that's just me.
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    With all due respect, I think you are having design issues because of your "design". You are focused more on throwing water 20' than you are evenly covering the 40' x 80' area itself.

    You have many more options available to you than maxing the 2000 or throttling down the 3000. Right off I look at pressure matching the applicator. Increasing the zone count. Mixing applicators through zoning (I do not mean mixing applicators within the same zone).
    We've put men on the moon, but we didn't do it without doing a lot of thinking. I think if you step back and ask yourself what your goal should be, you'll figure it out in a hurry.
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    yeah i agree with Jim…a system i did this year i initially spec'd out for 2000's and had fewer heads, but when i stepped back and looked closely at the dimensions of the yard i was able to redesign and use 1000's and get much better coverage…i still squeezed it by with one zone under 12 gpm
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    1000s are nice, but at that point you might as well run regular 10' or 12' nozzles.

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