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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Total Landscape Solutions, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Anybody know of any web-sites or organizations that will help me find landscape designers in my area. I don't mind doing small designs or additions to the landscape, but I'm looking to find a good independent designer that could do an entire master plan. Most landscape firms that design are design/build, I just want to find a good designer.
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    TLS, good move on your part. Try the APLD site, and also check with any schools that may have a horticulture or design program locally. You can also check with some of the nurseries, they usually know who the designers are in relation to the design/build firms. Often designers may have a more steady job at a nursery, garden center or even with a landscaping firm, but do independent design work on the side. It's tough to make a living as an independent designer until you've created an installer base that will feed you steady work.

    Also Andrew, AGLA may know of someone that may help. He works out of Mass, but surely has contacts that may be of assistance.

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    Contact Tranquil Watergardens ( in RI- they may not be too far away from you, and they may be able to refer you.

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    Cant Help you in your area... but "Total landscape Solutions" with a name like that, makes me think you should already know! :rolleyes: j/k

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