Designing and building a landscapers cage on the front of my trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LDH, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Hey fellas, I need some advice on designing my cage. I'm planning on using 1.5" square tubing for the frame and of course, expanded metal for the skin. I'd like to have a 6" to 12" basket on top, but am afraid the extra height will give my trailer a tacky look. It's going on a 20' open w/1' utility sides (angle iron). I'm mounting it so that the bottom of the box is 2' off the floor. My box is going to be 2'x2'x86 and 3/4"(width of trailer). So the top of the box will be right at 4' (even with the tailgate and sides if I add those later). By putting a basket on top of the box, it will make it stand higher than the gate or like I said, sides if I add those later. Will this kill the appearance or not be too noticable?? Please help.

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    I built me a new box similar to your plans on my new trailer. You did not specify what you are putting in it and that is the most important thing. I opted for solid top and sides and bottoms that keeps most of the rain off my equipment. I use this trailer for lawn maintainance and landscape installs. I do not put shovels or rakes in the box but I do put hedge trimmers,blowers (ebz80000 might fit inyour box 24" - 3" for tubing = 21"), masonary saw, chain saws etc and it works great. I had a single door at first but it was so heavy I split it and its much better. I went back and welded in 1/2 square tubing every 12 inches to reinforce the panels just for peace of mind. I would consider using angle iron it is easier to attach the mesh to the sides. Weight is the only other factor to consider you could easily add 200-300lbs to the nose of the trailer. The only rule is to make it work for you and your business.
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    I have a 20"x20" steel box the width of the trailer, on the front of mine. It was made out of 2x2 angle with thin steel for sides, cover and ends. It weighs close to 300 lbs.I would use alumiunm next time. The top was as high as my 5' tailgate. I had to raise the box 5" to accomadate my big blower to fit underneath. Its not that noticeable .

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