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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Mike M

    Mike M LawnSite Bronze Member
    from usa
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    Based on disappointing/lackluster August sales, I'm thinking about vertical dis-integration and value-engineering my domicile.

    If I sell my house and use the equity I have in it to buy a trailer, I could live in the country and shoot at bottles from a picnic table for most of the year. All I would need is one lighting install per year to pay for several bags of rice and pasta, and some other crap.
  2. Lite4

    Lite4 LawnSite Gold Member
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    Hey Mike,
    We could open a campground and all us out of us could park our trailers together and then just sit around a fire and talk lighting all day and reminisce about the days when people actually used to spend money and we would do jobs for customers (and shoot guns too).
  3. worx

    worx LawnSite Senior Member
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    That would be the best lit trailer park in town :drinkup: !
  4. punt66

    punt66 LawnSite Fanatic
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    hahah, what happened to the high and mighty lighting guys. I thought you guys were at the top of the food chain in here. hahaha Well i hope it picks up for you all.
  5. Mark B

    Mark B LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Could we do it close to the sand, and get James boat to run baits for us at night time??It has been a weird past 2 weeks. I gave a price on the house I posted a week ago, I also just priced another big house about the same size as that one. Go figure that out. But running baits and sipping chillies on the beach sounds great to me, maybe Geek will come out for a concert...
  6. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have to admit, simplifying my lifestyle and spending less on bills sounds awesome. I'd love to sell my house and the duplex I own and move to a paid for double wide in the country. I'd probably keep the business property for the Christmas light storage. but who wants to buy real estate these days anyway?
  7. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

    INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting LawnSite Platinum Member
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    "but who wants to buy real estate these days anyway? "

    The top 2% do David! It is like a bargain bonnannza out there for them right now. 2nd Homes, Summer Homes, Winter Homes... and guess what? They want them all to look as nice, day and night, as their primary residences do!

    I was talking to the top dog at a Manu. today, asking about their numbers for 2008. He said they had seen the typical slowdown of June July and August but that orders for Sept deliveries were back up and encouraging. Year over Year they were about even with 2007. He continued by saying that the middle of the market was definately flat if not down, with the upper tier picking up the slack.

    Guess it really does pay off to be positioned to serve the top tier after all.
  8. Chris J

    Chris J LawnSite Silver Member
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    Your suggesting that a manu keeps track of the clients that contractors sell to, thus has knowledge of who is doing the majority of the purchases?.......What ever.
  9. Pro-Scapes

    Pro-Scapes LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Slow down is typical here in july and august. Seems custom construction is taking forever but the fall is looking way up so far.

    Im trying to take advantage of a short sale in real estate now. Definatly some bargains out there but then again its tough to unload my current casa
  10. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

    INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting LawnSite Platinum Member
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    Chris, yes I am more then suggesting this, I know it for a fact.

    When I submit a PO to my distributor, that requires them to submit a PO to the Manufacturer in order to cover the order, you can be assured that there is communication between the distributor's purchasing agent and the Manu's inside sales agent. Then there are all the special orders that require the Manu to direct ship, or air freight the product... you think they don't know who they are doing this for?

    Also, the Manufactures can certainly discern between PO's that are 'stock orders' designed to keep the distributors shelves full and custom orders that are made up of unique and custom components, clearly sent to fill the needs of a large scale job.

    Finally, look at all the incentive programs out there... do you think that the distributors and manufacturers offer these just for the heck of it? Of course not, they love the data that they mine from these programs.

    The information age is upon us Chris... any decent Manufacturer has a better idea of just who is buying what then they have ever had in the past.

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