destroyed 3 spindles possibly

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rookiemower, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. rookiemower

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    i used a crapsmen 48" deck garden tractor to cut down some heavy brush because i did not want to ruin my mower i didnt think it would hurt it but when it started smoking i put it away well two days later went back to use it again and their is some serious trouble with the blades and maybe the spindles it was sounding loud and shaking i think i bent the blades, if i ran the mower like this for a while does anyone think i could have destroyed the spindles i have not put the new blades on yet so im hopeing its just those otherwise i do not wnat to purchase new spindles (its not even mine):cry:
  2. ahah

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    You didn't want to ruin your mower, so you used someone else's. Brilliant.
  3. TRex

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    Have you looked under the deck yeck by the why you wrote it you have not. My thoughts are that the deck is clogged and needs a good scraping. Try that first if you were cutting some juicy plants it happens real quick. It has happened to me just so you know I got worried at first then I was just aggrivated.
  4. Phishook

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    OK. You didn't want to hurt your commercial mower, so you use a home owner mower because it shouldn't hurt it?

    When the mower started smoking, you go park it in the shed?

    Leave it sit for a few days, start it back up, and proceed...oh something is still wrong?

    I'd just leave it as is, and say you didn't touch it.
  5. Rustic Goat

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    You have a case of being your own worst enemy. Karma will get you if you don't own up to what you did to the mower's owner.:dizzy:
    If you abuse equipment, what do you expect?
    No one here can tell you what's damaged or not from your lack of description, check things out thoroughly then post again if needed.
    Some jobs just shouldn't be tackled with a 'mower', some require a Bush Hog.
  6. Richard Martin

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    That is classic!
  7. GLAN

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    If that was me

    I would not have created a thread

    Or at least worded it so that I wouldn't appear so..:dizzy:

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