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  1. GSL 23

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    i dethaching when i do my fall clean ups it seems easier i would like your input.

    thank you gsl
  2. tiedeman

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    the grass needs at least 20-30 days to recover after a dethatching, so doing later in the fall season is not a good idea. It needs to be done before the ground freezes and the grass stops growing.

    For cool season grasses try to do it late summer, early fall. You can do it in the early spring as well but make sure to put down a pre-m afterwards.

    For warm season grassses the best time is late spring. Again follow up with a pre-m.
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    I was using my steel rake to rough up a few areas of my lawn so I could re-seed them. I was amazed at all of the thatch that came up out of what I thought was a pretty healthy lawn. Should I do the whole lawn. The local lesco man said dethatching was a "waste of time-just aerate the S@!t out of it" comments...?
  4. Mike Bradbury

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    if you pull out enough thatch to actually do anything, there won't be any grass left. Nobody rips out enough to actually affect anything, no matter how full you stuff that trailer! (and I've stuffed a few). Customers freak if you actually take 1/2 of what needs to come out.
    Punch lots of holes in it and oxygen, water, earthworms, and bioorganisms will do the job for you.(over a couple of years)
  5. mtdman

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    I used to really push the dethatchings. But with aeration will improve the thatch and dead grass problem usually, and it's much easier. I've been steering people to aerations, unless the yard is in real trouble and needs a lot of help. Dethatching during leaf clean up is definitely too late.

  6. GLAN

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    You'll want to hand rake or power rake damaged areas of the turf for fall seeding. That time is now. Can't get seed to grow if it's not in contact with soil, or covered by dead plant material.

    The entire lawn power raking is done in spring. At that time you get all the debris and most of the dead grass material that would not green up anyway. This leaves the turf opened up where it can breath. Water can penetrate, applications make contact with the soil and grass can develope and spread on it's own.

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