Detailed Bid or just total ?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by finallyfree, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. finallyfree

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    For a large commercial construction company, when I bid out a job should I detail the quote or just a total for the job? in residential I put what they are getting but not the prices execpt the total.
    I just thought I cover my rear and give break down on how many of what including labor in wich I have covered my overhead/ repairs/expenses and includes materials x 2.5
  2. blankenshiplawncare

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    I agree on residential that the less they know about the price of each item the less they can nit-pick you on the bid. About commercial though I have found no pattern on how they want the bid. I just lost one to a smaller (if that is possible) company with a higher bid because they were more detailed on their bid. I have won bids though by being very vague. I am asking from now on what they would like to see from me on a bid sheet or if they have a format they are expecting to see from me. I hate to seem small and inexperienced but every one seems to have a different view on viewing bids.

  3. stumper1620

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    yup, I ask if they have bid guidlines or do they just want an overall bid, if they have a guideline i ask to have a copy so i can follow it.
  4. finallyfree

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    I have done it both ways myself and it does not seem to make a difference,
    If I'm going to loose or win a bid the end price is what is going to do it...

    Except I am working in getting my foot in the door as they have signed a contract with the city school system and they will be the only ones renovating and building all the new schools in the city, They must give minimum 15% of the contracts to DBE's registered in the city. which I happen to be certified as and I was hoping by doing that I would make a impression.
  5. Darryl G

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    On a large commercial bid I would itemize the cost for major tasks. That way if they change their mind about something, you have a basis to adjust the cost from.

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