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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by pollak1322, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I couldn't skip out on classes to mow lawns even if I tried! I go to school in west Virginia 8 hours away from my hometown. I understand what you mean about fixing the old mower but its at the point where its so old that once I fix one thing on it another breaks. So in the longrun the new scag I think was the best option.
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    How do you mow lawns in septemeber, oct and nov when your in school?
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  3. pollak1322

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    Well with this being my first year in college I've never had this problem before, however, I have an older friend that has been working in the landscaping industry for the past 8 years for an established and reputable company and on and off for me if I need him, so when I'm here at school thankfully he takes over the business and finishes up the season for me. I know I'm putting a lot of trust into one person but he has proven to be extremely reliable and even fixed a few minor things on the old Scag before we got the new one so it seems to be working out.

    This brings me to another question that I've been thinking about. He told me a few weeks ago that he wanted to stop working for the company he previously had worked for and start up his own thing. His old boss is looking to get out of the industry and talked with him about giving the majority of his clients away to my friend. So with this opportunity my friend asked me if I would be interested in combining my small operation with his if he goes through with it and kind of do a joint thing. Because of the fact that I'm away now and he's been handling my work it seems that it would work out fine because he knows my clients and the ones that he'd take on from the old company he worked for. But with doing some research on here I see that everyone tells others to stay away from a partnership kind of thing because they never work out well. Considering my scenario, what are your opinions on the matter?
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    sounds like your friend has a good chance of taking over the other company as well as yours. not trying to be mean or rude but he knows all of your customers,they know him as well as the quality of work and he will be mowing their yard for half of the season. that kind of puts you in a tough scenario
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    Yes I see your point but I have the advantage because he is using all of my equipment and I have been working for these people for the past 6 years. So even if he wanted to try and cheat me out of the work he couldn't because he has no equipment. I know from an outside point of view it might seem like he would try to do this but we've been very good friends for a while and I highly doubt he would try to pull that. Especially when im paying him for the work he's doing now instead of the customers just directly paying him.
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  6. puffyhead929

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    I had a "friend" who did my lawns while i was in my first year of college last year... he ended up lowballing and taking a bunch of my accounts and beat the hell out of all my equipment
  7. pollak1322

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    Sorry to hear that man. But like I said I know how much he's charging because I'm getting the checks from the customers sent to me and then paying him myself. And as far as the equipment, it goes back to my house every night so my dads able to check on it and so far when minor things have needed service he's gotten them fixed and even did some preventative maintenance and paid for it on his own like changing out worn belts and stuff like that.

    Im not trying to be hard headed and ignore what you guys are telling me because obviously you have more experience, but so far things have been going well and everythings worked out.

    Any advice on when to get insurance/registering as a legitimate business?

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