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  1. Whitaker24

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    We dont have irrigation or fertlization for the yard. Its about 2 acres that used to be a pasture. I dont know the type of grass but there is no way i could plow it all up and plant sod. It would be nice but too much money for me.
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    How about seeding?

    If you want git rid of the clippings consider a mulch kit for your mower. Keep in mind you cannot let the grass get very high before you mow it. If you want to collect the clippings a collection system for your mower would be something to consider.
  3. Whitaker24

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    Uncle bought a $300 sweeper from Tractor Supply it worked great on his yard, so I may look into that. That way I can cut it as low as I want too and gathering the clippings will be much easier.
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    Will a lawn sweeper pick up hickory nuts? or should i stick with raking into small piles every 10ft and useing a 5gal and wheel barrow to get to the trailer... i have some yards that are 3in of leaves on top of 2in of nuts so it takes a lot of work... they are paying for it and i am making a profit but i am looking at a way to make it faster but still charge the same or close to it.

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