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    need help estimating for a customer who wants lawn dethatched. I figure i'd just charge hrly rate + rental cost (110.00). My question is i'm not sure how lmany hrs it would take. I have never dethatched before. The lawn is nearly an acre, mostly kentuck blugrass, (alot of crabgrass mixed in). Wide open lawn with just a few mulch beds in the mix. Waste will be disposed of on site. Also there are several dead spots where grubs have destroyed areas. Any info on a good grub control much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    how much is the hourly rate?
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    Keep in mind that an acre dethatched is going to produce a lot of debris, I mean A LOT! THere is no real good way to handle it so leave your time open. I would definetley stick to time and materials and no set price.Good luck and thank God I don't have to do it! ;)
    Oh and markup your rental costs,the machine doesn't just magically appear at the job, you have time involved in getting and returning the machine.Make sure you get paid for it Also, some rental places surcharge you for a dirty return.
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    To do a "true" dethatching it would be best to rent a flail arm/tine dethatcher such as a blue bird or other similar brand, Not a Jrco "dethacher" which is more like a lawn rake. I use a lesco renovator and on a typical 10,000sqft lawn which is well maintained and aerated yearly I can remove in excess of 4 yards of thatch material. Since you can dispose on site that helps greatly but then you also need to take into account your collection system for picking everything up. Hope that helps give an idea of what your up against. If the lawn is not that bad, 1/2 of thatch or less consider recommending aeration to your customer, maybe twice during the year. Aeration itself will help to break down the thatch layer by micro-organisms in the ground.
  5. nocutting

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    Hi, I often work alone, why not use a vertical slicer/seeder on the better areas [ no rakeing / dumping]....Since grubs dont kill the grass as chinch bugs do, why not slice this area both ways and give the lawn a healthy feeding....[ I havent "Thatched" a lawn since they invented the slice/ seeder]...Well back to priceing, you're in a "Healthy and generally Wealthy "Area of the good ole USA...Last fall I did 1, charged $3.75lb,it cost $1.75lb]for the seed [ used an over-seeding rate of 4lbs per 1000 sqft] so seed was about 160lbs used x $3.75] and I gave a labor cost of $950.00, that way I wasnt locked into a day rate.[ it took me about 6hrs on the lawn] and roughly 1,1/2 hrs travel to get & return the slicer....Regards Saxon :cool2: PS I charged $380 to fertilize the lawn [ I'm Organic] payup
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    great advice i never factured in the pick and drop off time for rental. How bout hrs. i charge 40.00 per hr and wasnt sure how long a lawn this size will take. I am a 1 man show and never thatched a lawn. 2, 3, 4 - 8 hrs??

    Thanks to all
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    Grubs can totally destroy a lawn practically overnite.

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