dethatcher and or power seeder?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by STRINGALATION, Aug 16, 2007.


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    Alot of people here lost there lawns this season. lots of people here insist on
    1" cuts and dispite of my advice against this. now it almost looks like a big chemical burn. i plan on renting some blue birds this october. my question is if i use a power seeder should i still dethatch first. i dont want to rent both thatcher and seeder. i think if i dethatch then i will just rake and then use a broadcast spreader. also i thought that if i use power seeder then the machine would kinda dethatch and mulch in a since. any advice on preping would be nice but i do feel these yards are to weedy anyway to just overseed also topdressing may be an option for some in that area can i dress right over old lawn i am hoping to make these yards more desirable for me to cut next year
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    Go to Bunton Seed Company downtown. They can help you.

    They have a full line of renovation equipment and the best seed in town.

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    you prefer them over caudill seed
    what type of sponsor are you?
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    I don't understand. Are they a sponser? I have only been to Caudill seed once and they didn't return my phone call when they were out to lunch.

    Bunton is where I have bought all my seed for years. I would buy a couple of tons every year from the Bunton family. They where also the 1st to get our seeders. They rent them.

    As for seed, I alway use their Confederate TTTF or the Confederate Plus which has some blue mixed in. Both are a blue label grass seed. They have been out a few times forcing me to use some other types of seed which only resulted in chick weed mixed in w/ the grass. The chickweed is easy to get rid of, but it looks a lot more impressive when you do a renovation and it looks like a golf couse in about 3-4 weeks. In 2 weeks they are already weed free and 2" tall.

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    I would mow the lawn really low (if it isnt already) aerate twice over, and then dethatch (on its lowest setting) and overseed, then rake lightly over it, or perhaps just aerate and then use the slicer/seeder.

    I dont recommend just dethatching you cant expose enough soil.

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