Dethatcher for Hand Mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TazLandscapes, May 4, 2007.

  1. TazLandscapes

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    I have a John deere Ja62 hand Mower 21" Deck and i want to put a dethatcher setup on it since i have lawns that have to be done with a hand mower.
    I have searched jrco and john deere websites and found nothing.
    Would it be easier just to build one.

    I also own a John deere L130 tractor and i was thinking about also putting a dethatcher on it but i dont like the one that has to be towed behind."more time,less money" Could i just find one for a front mount mower and try and fit it to the front..
    Any help is appreciated.

    Mike DiBiase
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  2. Paul in Maryland

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    Ariens/Gravely sells a clip-on dethatcher kit for their 911-series old-style mowers; it won't work on the redesigned pro model whose front wheels are adjusted by removing the axle, nor on anything with swivel wheels. There have been two models numbers, ut I don't have them handy. You can see one of them here .

    I had placed an order for one but canceled when I read that it's for their self-propelled models only. I guess that's because the thatching rake introduces so much resistance that it would tire you quickly if you used it on your pusher. However, Gravely lists it here as an accessory for the company's old-style pusher. So I don't know what to believe.

    I don't know how the two model numbers differ. They'll also fit Husqvarna--at least the Husky 580 and 600, which were made by Ariens. I have read in a Snapper forum that they will also fit a Snapper. I don't know whether they'll fit Deere.

    These go for a ridiculous $125 online. Both models were being sold cheaply on eBay recently; I was going to bid but backed out after reading that they're not for pushers. For 40 bucks or so on eBay, you might want to take the risk.
  3. TazLandscapes

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    My John deere ja62 hand mower has a two speed forward gear is that allright or do i have to buy something different???

    Mike DiBiase

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