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Clinton, NJ
Mac, with ALL your money, can't cha buy new??? LOL...hell, if I had your money, I could throw mine away. BTW, I have the 60 inch one for one of my WB's that I use with the 470 Trac Vac at the same time and it is saweet!!! Nice for spring clean ups.

Hope you're feeling well my friend...


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OTD, I think ebay will probably be your best bet. And if you haven't owned one yet they work great. At first I couldnt justify the $ on one for my Lazer, but once you use it alot, it pays for itself real fast. ;)

grave digger thats an awesome deal! I think I paid about $650.00 for mine with the bracket, installed.


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Edwardsville IL
and another, notice the mount bar hangs way over twards the flex-deck, I will probably cut it off so the flex-deck will fold up properly.

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Doster's L & L

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No disrespect to mac in posting a question on your thread, but since we're talking about this product, i figure we'll save another thread from being started.

I've been thinking about getting a JRCO dethatcher myself. How good a job do they do in getting that thatch up? Does it get it all up in the first pass or will it take 2 or 3? Also, what are your opinions on the aerator by JRCO? Thanks!

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new hampshiere
I have nearly the same setup as Rodfather dethatcher with trac vac, It works sooooooo great for spring cleanups. As far as Dethatching goes, I find it does OK with one pass. Most of the properties I am doing do not have fabulous grass however, thin to begin with so it works OK.


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Stupid question??? Gravedigger, what is the flexdeck and what do you use it for?
Thanks, Mike


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gravedigger what did that set up cost you? I am interested in the dethatcher more so but curious what the flex deck cost you also and how long it took to put on?