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    Ok, in Upstate NY I'm told dethatching as part of your spring clean can be a good money maker. That being said...there are 3 units around here to choose from....Opinons?? (Self powered Flail Blade, SP Tine Blade, Front attached Tine Blade)

    Self Powered Flail Blade (used $750-$850, new 969-1100)- This is a 22 inch unit made by all the familiar brands. Benefits I guess are that it is durable and wont break upon hitting things in the yard. Ive never used one but Id guess that it would really rip up a lawn. Not sure the average customer would appreciate the look, but in the end it does the best job (I think)

    Self Powered Tine Blade (same price as flail, little cheaper new)- Again 20-22 inch unit using the tind (needle) blades to rake out the thatch. Good job, not as intrusive, but they say it is easy to break tines if you are not careful. Not easy to replace individually either unless you get a full replacement (tine blade assembly).

    Front Attachment for WB or ZTR- dealer around me pushing one by JRCO. It is 48inch and $499. Looks like two rows of metal rakes that are pushed by your mower. Obviously price and width is better, but definitely does not do as good of a job as the above mentioned. Also it is nice that the mower can run over the thatch and pick it up.

    Question is...which one and why? Do the self powered machines do too good of a job with customers asking what happened to my lawn? Do the front attach ones do a good enough job?

    Anyone using these please help as I have to make a decision within days and start my spring cleanups. Thank you
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    I have both the power unit from bluebird and the JRCO front mount.
    For spring clean-ups I use the front mount because it does a great job of lifting matted material and then you can either suck it up with the mower or blow as usual. The powered unit is great if you doing reseeding or for the areas that the front mount can't get into. I market this service with my spring clean-ups because it is an easy up-sell and it actually in my opinion makes the clean-up easier.

    There are two different types of blades for the powered units (Flail Blades. and Springs) The springs are more forgiving especially over irrigation system components, but for the most thorough dethatching the flail blades are the way to go.

    I personally would go with the JRCO for spring clean-ups

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    Thanks JP, good info
  4. jpmako

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    No Problem
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    Will using JRCO tine in the spring make the lawn more weed prone?

    I have heard people say that true dethatching will make it more weed prone but how about one of these?

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