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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SLC LLC, Mar 26, 2008.

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    I am looking at purchasing a Dethatcher. We have been performing quite a few lawn renovations of late, and might look into buying instead of renting. We have suffered quite a bit of drought stress in the area the last couple years, and are in need of repairing stressed areas in a lawn. We are not replacing the entire lawn, but brown bare areas throughout the turf.
    Does anyone have any recommendations for equipment that can be purchased or manufacturer? Also, does anyone have used equipment like this they are looking to get rid of? Thanks in advance.
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    I apologize, I mneed to clarify. I am looking for the walk behind units, somewhat like an aerator is situated.
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    I have just order the Mantis with Honda engine with de-thatching tine and aerator combo attachments. This most likely no good enough for you but I thought I will still put my words in because I was very impressed by this least for my own lawn use. You can be the judge yourself.

    Have fun:waving:
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    Bluebird makes a nice unit. Check them out.
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    I have a bluebird power rake/seeder unit. Worked great last year, though I learned to do a dethatching pass and vac first even if it looks like there isn't much thatch, the machine will lump it up in spots, causing poor seed germination in those areas. It has the delta reel setup, but flail dethatchers work on the same machine. I believe many of the dethatchers can have a seed bin added to become a seeding machine if you need that.

    Renting is a huge time waster and expensive if you use them much at all. If it's not something you plan on using a whole lot, there is an ebay seller I got a bluebird aerator, nearly new, from for just $700. They are former home depot rental units. But with the drought I think they didn't rent much lawn equipment and dumped them on this remarketer to sell. My unit barely had any scratches in the paint. A $2500 honda unit for about $700. As little as I use it I can sell it in 5 years and get my money back.

    Anyway, powertradeus was the seller. They have units on ebay now but much if not most of their inventory isn't listed there and you'd need to call them to see what they have. Their operation was big and professional, huge warehouse full of goodies, and a wide selection. Rows and rows of machines. Of course the deals are better in the winter, but I was pleased. They do ship stuff.
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