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Dethatching help

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Ok, biz is slow in the spring, and i was thinking a detatcher on the mowers would be nice (well, fiveoboy01 said it in his thread)...

So, lets say we got a dethatcher for our mowers, while dethatching, dont you turn on the mower (blades), and bag it?

And what do you charge? Same as mowing or more?

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You can bag as you go with a front mount dethatcher, it'll be dusty as all get out and I highly recommend wearing a dust mask. I prefer to use the lawn sweeper as opposed to the bagger on most yards, it holds more and I feel that it does a better job but that's just me.

As for pricing, go with what doubleedge said. It's an unpleasant, dusty job and you will have A LOT of material to deal with. If possible try to dump on site, if not then be prepared to make multiple dump runs.
Do not mulch this stuff, all you would be doing is putting it all right back where it came from. The best thing to do is to bag it, other wise you are doing nothing to benifit the yard or your client.

If you guys still have that JD 400 then what I would have you do is to get a pull behind dethatcher (if you add a little bit of weight to the top tray you get much better results) and a tow behind lawn sweeper. It will cost you guys less initaliy than a Jrco unit and bagger. Just a suggestion, this sort of setup works for me and I do a ton of these jobs every year.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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