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Dethatching help

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Ok, biz is slow in the spring, and i was thinking a detatcher on the mowers would be nice (well, fiveoboy01 said it in his thread)...

So, lets say we got a dethatcher for our mowers, while dethatching, dont you turn on the mower (blades), and bag it?

And what do you charge? Same as mowing or more?

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I have two de-thatcher's that we break out twice a year. Once now, and another durring over-seeding. They cost me each about $2k, 10 years ago! They both still start on one pull and have made me more money than I would have thought. When a potential customer calls and ask's if I do this, they are surprised when I say "yes". They are an expensive investment, especially when you may not use them. But well worth the money, and you will never have to rent another. I usually charge $175 for an average yard. That includes de-thatching, and fertilizer as well taking all debris away.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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