it ever to late or to dry too?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mowisme, Jul 10, 2009.

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    I know spring time is best but I'm contemplating dethatching a lawn because so much dead grass on the ground under healthy grass. lawn has always been bit thin thou. couple questions: ever to late (or dry) in summer to dethatch..or to late to be beneficial? I have a gas powered 'power rake'..would this be suitable if thatching is ok? I do have a thatcher with swivels but, I need to mount some how to WB scag..front I assume as sulky on back. This thatcher is nice but for tractor so the (EZ) power rake would simplify it. Thanks- Geno
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    Doing it now in the height of summer is not the best idea. The two best times to do it are in the spring right before you fertilize or seed to get rid of any thatch that accumulated over the winter (when the grass is dormant and some of it dies) as well as to loosen up the top layer of soil so you get better seed to soil contact and make it easier for fertilizer to get into the soil. And in the fall after a summer of mowing to get rid of the thatch that builds up.

    I do most of it in the fall and get much better results and get much more material than if I did it in the spring. When and if I do it in the spring it is just to work up the top layer of soil before I seed.
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    See what happens when you don't bag it!
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    I bag most of my yards, most of my dethatching work is done for people that do their yards themselves.
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    was just talking with a friend who has a irrigation company and he suggested try applying a mix of pellitized lime and epsom salt ,
    i guess the epsom salt helps to break down / dissolve the thatch

    i think this technique comes from jerry baker as hes a big follower of bakers methods
  6. bigslick7878

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    Not a good idea during the summer.

    Only thing you should be doing in the middle of summer is watering.
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    Compost, molasses and sugar would be the smartest way to dissolve excess dead grass, as opposed to epsom salts.

    Right now my non-bagged lawns are fairing better than the bagged lawns by a long shot. Comparing non-irrigated in shade with non-irrigated in shade, right across the street with one another, there is no-contest.

    Dead grass in the lawn serves as a mulch like wood chips around a peony. If it accumulates to deep add the aforementioned items and turn it into fertilizer. The main reason it accumulates to high levels is because you are putting on too much N.
    Which is common I know...

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