Dethatching prices??


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binghamton NY
Alright guys I've never been a big fan of dethatching or power raking, but the number of requests I've gotten this year is causing me to rethink. Can you guys give me an idea of prices for dethatching jobs that include clean-up afterwards. I have mostly 3000 to 8000 square foot lawns to give prices for. i really appreciate it.

Stripe This

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Meyersville, NJ
Do you have a power raker? Or are you using an attachment off of a walkbehind or rider? Either way, make sure you get paid. I wouldn't touch a job for any less than $80. Larger properties $120-$150.


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Flint, Michigan
Here, we get 12-15 dollars per thousand sq. ft.. This is actual dethatching, - not raking with a JRCO rake. For a standard rake over, (sometimes twice over) we gat 2-3 times the cost of a cut, plus the mowing price, because that is a necessary part of it.