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    I have never used a power rake/ dethatcher before and i have a job to do tommorrow and i was wondering if there is going to be a problem lifting out the thathch if the ground is moist due to the rain today?? Will i be wasting my time or is it ok ?? Also what is a good brand of dethatcher to use(Bluebird,ryan, Parker, etc.)Thanks for your help.


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    You can still thatch if the ground is moist , but there will be alot of dirt/mud buildup under the machine. It wont be as dusty , which is good though... as for thathing machines, If your renting it then any will do , if buying one, Make sure its got a good engine on it no less than 5 hp, more if available, and there are numerous blade configs you can get... Get one that will suit your purposes best and be the most economical to maintain... Flail reels and the slicer blades seem the be the most reliable ways to go..

    Also do test spots on the lawn to see how to set the blades, start out on the highest setting and go down as you need, but dont go too far you can cause more damage than good... If it's got new blades, then on the 1st or 2nd setting should be more than suffiecient.... It's not good to rmove all of the thatch..but the key is to keep the thatch from builing up as to stop or reduce the penetration of air , water, and fertilizers from getting into the soil... Make sure the dealer shows you how to adjust and set up the blades... Ohh yeah .. Make sure you wear goggles, cause stuf will come and hit you in the face......

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