dethatching question on the ZTR mounted models

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I’m considering getting a dethatcher that you can mount on the front of a ZTR and the sales guy sales it works very well and for $500 it is a nice price compared to a real dethatcher my question is since iv only used the powered kind what can I expect for results? I use a power broom some times on the lawns and it does a nice job but I know it is not as through as real dethatching that I have done in the past and it tends to kick the hell out of you so the ZTR mount looks good from that stand point of I really don’t want to fight with the broom for 200 plus clean ups this spring.

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I really like mine, jrco 48" model i believe. takes a few trys to get the height set correctly so the tines "kick" and not just drag on the ground. I really think it works well, i try to go up one dorection, turn around and come back down the same trak i just made. basically twice over in opposing directions. Most good thick lawns I can get a FULL dump bed load on one lawn! I know walkbehind powerrakes with a flail head is more through tho.

Another good factor is that there's no walking! but you have to dump the catcher like every minute or two, and that's a 8 bushell catcher on a rider. hate to think about a w/b with a smaller one!


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I used a JRCO unit last year on my w/b and thought it did well. This year I'm putting it on the Lazer w/ the Ultra vac. Think it'll make cleanups much easier.

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Originally posted by TreffertLawnWrx
I use a 52 lazer z hp with ultra-vac and a jrco dethatcher and it works awesome! never had a problem until you start pulling out the wrong pins and cant remember where they go! LOL
same model here too. IMO these units do the equivalent of a light raking. I do not chage my customers a detatching price when using these. When we dethatch we use a wb dethatcher and suck up the thatch with the ultr vac or blow it.