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  1. Mowman

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    Do any of you Walker owners use the dethatching tines w/ your Walker? If so how does it work, quality I mean? Does the GHS system plug up sucking up all that CRAP? I'm thinking about renting one in the spring. I know that the rental guy will tell me it works GREAT and NEVER plugs up, I want the TRUTH from the people that USE them and that have USED them. Thanks GUY's and GAL's.
  2. Cleve

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    I can only answer half of your question. The GHS system will do fine picking up the thatch after it has been loosened.
    I use a Jacobsen commercial dethatcher/vertical mower to dethatch on some of our customers. I don't know if you have ever used one of these things but it can really suprise you with the amount of thatch that it will pull out of most any yard. The stuff will be fluffed up and 3 to 6 in. high behind the machine.
    I then go over this with the Walker to pick it up. Fills up the Walker in a hurry but at least it does pick it up. Never had any problem with it plugging the chute or deck.
    I also would be interested in the unit that attaches to the front of the Walker deck. I hope you hear from someone that has used it.
  3. gr8 1

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    I assume your talking about the one from walker that fits on the front of the deck. We use it alot in the spring to "fluff" the lawn, loosen up leaves or whatever. It does a decent job of that, but not for just dethatching. Aeration is the best for that plus no clean up.
  4. nlminc

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    I bought the dethatcher attachment for the Walker. I would not compare the results from it to a typical dethatcher. I would definitly tell you that it's good for fluffin up the lawn.
    This year I want to buy the aeration attachment for my Walker. I will earn more with that than the dethatcher attachment.

  5. MOW ED

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    Big time profits here from that little 180 dollar piece of equipment. I use the dethatcher alot Steve and I can't say enough about it. The spring tines are easier on the lawn than the vertical mowers that guys walk behind and the Walker GHS system is great for picking it up after. The only time you can get into trouble is if the thatch gets real wet i.e. getting caught in a rainstorm in the spring. Otherwise it does a great job. You do have to keep the deck clean as you are sucking up lots of dirt mud sticks dead grass and thatch. I go thru about 1 set of tines per season and thats doing around 70 or so dethatchings.
    I usually combine it with a spring clean at a higher charge of course but the money is good here for dethatchings.
  6. captdevo

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    I have one on both my GHS's they perform great for thatching, i've never had any problem with blower clogging.
  7. AB Lawn Care

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    We love our dethatcher!!!!!It is one or our best peices of equipment!!!!Since We have bought it we have never had to rake lawns in the spring.We just rake the leaves and junk out of the beds and ares that the walker can't get into.They its walker time!!!We can do a spring cleanup and only spend 1/3 more time there then we do when we cut in summer.It has been a real time saving tool.Buy it man!!!!Oh ya!You know those long pine needels that are impossible to get out of the lawn?With that you only need to have 1 pass!All the needels build up in the spring tines.Once it is full you just lift and shake,and drive over the pile!
  8. JJ Lawn

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    I have used mine for 2 years now. Wouldn't be without it. As for plugging up, its just like mowing. If you don't heed the fill alarm it will plug up.

  9. jeffyr

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    Have any of you sucked up a rock that was brought to the surface by the thatcher ?


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