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  1. DamicosLandscaping

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    i need to thatch 4,000 sq feet, and im not sure what to charge, plus i have to rent the dethatcing, should i charge them for that also.
  2. marko

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    Dethatching is pretty tough on the turf. What type of grass? Thickness of the thatch level now? I would try to sell them on aerating instead. If you are bound and determined to dethatch, rent it for an hour do your work and get it back. Then do your clean up. You will pull a ton of stuff out of the turf so you will need to factor in: cost of rental, cost of transporting the piece, and your time. Hard to give you a price when we can not see the condition or other factors. When I was a kid I would dethatch in Texas on bermuda/fescue turf and it was not uncommon to remove 20+ 32 gallon trash cans worth of debris from one 6,000 SF yard.
  3. DamicosLandscaping

    DamicosLandscaping LawnSite Member
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    well, they had lawn care guy out there, and im doing the thatching and hes doing the seeding, its pretty low to the ground, all flat.. $38 for 4hours of renting the machine.

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