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  1. dcondon

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    You may want to think about a plug aerator. If you ever get a chance take a pic of your lawn so we can see it.:waving:
  2. Knights_Services

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    Last year was my first summer for my business. I simply have a pull behind (for a rider lawnmower) dethatcher. For less than $100 I have had nearly 30 jobs completed with that pice of quipment. With this I charge (very fair price according to my clients) $100 for the job including the clean up. Granted i have my guys rake and bag/dump the crap that comes up, but it only takes about 45min for a house on .4-.5 acres. Its quick EASY money and I'm sure you could get $120-$140 on those 'average' houses if you are a good hussler.

    *always remember, be HONEST! Don't cheet or rob your clients blind. It is rare to find an HONEST and FAIR lawnguy. You will be rewarded with rediculus amounts of referals if you are HONEST!

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    45 minutes? hand raking 1/2 an acre lol how many guys? anyway whem my customers realize im talking them out of something i can profit on, and talk them into what they realy need aerating , gypsum for our calyed ares they respect me 1st , then thank me for the water savings, 80% after 4 years on avg, a heathier lawn, less weeds,disease, savings on fertilizer, Its not that its just easier and more profitabale its just the right thing to do most of the time (period) By the way the best way to prevent thatch build up is to aeratwe (Imagine That)
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    I took a Turf grass management class last semester at the University of Illinios. The best way to control thatch is to core areate and return the plugs to the lawn. This will help break down the thatch layer. The dethatchers that are available for use only remove a VERY small percentage of the thatch present and does virtually nothing for the lawn. Or if you do remove enough thatch there will be hardly anything left of the lawn. Hope this helps some of you sell your customers on areation rather than detatching.

  5. chriscraft

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    cheers cheers to chevy trucks84 I want to hire him for my sales man lol
  6. Splicer

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    Pictures of my lawn and dethatching monster in a day or 2. Pouring rain here...

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