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    I was wondering if any of you use the Jrco dethatching unit. I have enough work to pay for one in a day or less, so I am considering one.&lt;p&gt;Also, how do you charge? I already have two jobs lined up for it. Is 3 times as much as I would charge to mow reasonable? &lt;p&gt;<p>I looked at it like this: his lawn would cost $30 to cut.(9-10,000 sf) If I go over it twice with the dethatching rake and once to pickup the leftover debris, I am in the ballpark. I told the guy $100 and he accepted. &lt;p&gt;Just wondered if any of you with experience with the Jrco unit can give some advice.&lt;p&gt;Also, would you recommend getting the unit for my 48&quot; walkbehind so I can fit more places, or on my 61&quot; ZTR? I have read that some of you guys use these units and any input would be much appreciated. Also, how many spare tines might I go through? I've read where you guys sometimes break tines and wouldn't want $1.75 part to keep me from being productive. Might as well have a decent qty on hand.&lt;p&gt;John<p>
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    I have talked with guys that love them. I looked at one at a trade show. The flater the lawn the better they work.My lawns are to uneven to be worth while.I have a power brush and its the same way.The flater the better.
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    i just bought one and put it on my scag52&quot; wb.did my first job today,works great.easy on and off and lifts over curbs.i was wondering about the tines myself.i have another dethatcher on my JD and those tines seem to be a little thicker. i only bust a couple off in a normal season.<br>
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    I'm waiting for a shipment of tines to arrive Monday, because every dealer around here is out of them. The ground is so darn hard here, I broke 14 so far this season and need to replace the broken ones before finishing up this next week. I think I have the back adjusted to low, because that's where they are breaking.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    Eric-<p>Try adjusting height to 1/2-3/4&quot; off concrete surface. This is what Jim (owner of Jrco) said if breaking tines.I ended up calling them earlier this afternoon. Also, did you try their aerator before buying the Classen? I haven't heard of anyone who uses the aerator and wondered how well it would work for someone who does aeration as a &quot;secondary&quot; service so to speak. I thought you or Lazer had used the aerator, but couldn't find info doing a search.&lt;p&gt;John<br>
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    John, I've got it set at about 1/2 inch, but the ground is so hard, if it digs in to hard on high spots, the turf don't give. That was El Toro, I mean Lazer that had tried the JRCO aerator. It's on the JRCO Aerator thread he mentioned it. I think the ground is to darn hard for one of them to work here right now. It may work nice when the ground is softer, like it normally is in the spring. This is the first spring I have ever had to put weight on an aerator and I have 300 lbs. on it. Normally, it would be sinking out of sight with no weight.<p><br>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<p>
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    Has anyone used or have opinion on the Echo Prothatch attachment??? Wondered how it would work on the smaller, hilly lawns. Where it would not be so feasible to have the 48&quot; WB models. <br>Still didn't see what anybody would charge for this service. Would the $10 to $15 per <br>1000 sqft be in the ballpark???<br>Thanks, Dan

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