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    first year at actually trying to consider this one of my jobs. anyways i've learned alot on here and i'm just trying to find some end of the year things to do other than aerating and leaf removal. is dethatching usually done in the fall or spring. i've not seen hardly any companies doing it this fall. how profitable is it compared to mowing, aerating, fall cleanups etc? thanks
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    do that in the early spring, with the right equiptment, you can do it faster and make more profit on it, but don't bother if all you have is a rake
  3. DoetschOutdoor

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    It can be done pretty much at any time of the year but I like to do it along with spring and fall aerations and overseeding. After dethatching, I always aerate/overseed or powerseed and have great results doing it this way. I find aerating, powerseeding, and dethatching to be FAR more profitable than mowing. For example, on my yards that I charge $30-45 on, I charged as much as $200 for dethatching and cleanup. Then you come in an aerate or powerseed and make even more money. Its all about finding the right customers and timing your procedures right in order to make alot of money and get good results that will keep those customers coming back year after year. Just my .02

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