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    How much should I charge for dethatching 8000 sq/ft of flat property, with few to no obstacles, using a piece of rental equipment?
  2. Daner

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    I would say a ball park of $225.00...Try to book a few more for that day...send out some flyer's...that's how you make your money back from the rentals.
    what are they charging you per day for rental?
  3. loom-gen

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    When using aerators, dethatchers, verticutters, try to achieve $25.00 per 1000 ft2. so for that yard, $200 is ballpark. Try your best to buy a machine, renting robs you of your money. @ $600 - $800 dollars, a good condition bluebird will pay for itself in notime.

    GSMOSS LawnSite Member
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    Home Depot is about $52 for the whole day. Thank you for your assistance and that seems like a fair price to me.

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