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    How much should I charge for dethatching 8000 sq/ft of flat property, with few to no obstacles, using a piece of rental equipment?
  2. dapiccolawn

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    Keep in mind how much debris you will be hauling. This job always involves a lot of raking.. Depending on how thick the lawn is I would say around
    450 - $600 should cover your rental, gas, dump fees, etc.

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    8,000 to just verticut. I would charge $216.00 I charge 27 bucks per 1,000. that's two passes and debris removal. You choose to rent, so, you choose to add the extra charges. the job shouldn't take more than an hour if you use a bagger to remove the debris. Hints - Mow short first or have them do it. flag sprinkler heads if needed, then verticut once and then again at 45 degree angle to the forst cut. "mow and bag" the materials at a low level 3" usually does the trick.

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