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  1. clipfert

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    Need help on pricing this one. Thatching for lawns in the 3/4 - 1 acre range. I have read all of the posts relating to this and have not found any info on larger lawns. I will be using a Blue Bird Lawn Comber and a Trac-Vac to pick it up and will haul away.
    I have done smaller lawns in the past but nothing this large.

    thanks for the help
  2. clipfert

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    anyone? not all at once
  3. Brickman

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    First of all it isn't totally neccesary to dethatch. Much better to aerate, if thatch is a problem mow the grass real short, and bag it when you do. But that is your call.
    When I was doing it, a good rule of thumb was to charge twice the price of mowing. If you do that you won't hurt your self any.
  4. turfinator

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    It has alot to do with the lawn your doing specifically how much thatch is there to pick up. Some lawns are alot easier and faster to do with alot less time spent bagging (if thats what your doing). We charge between $50 to 75/average 50 by 100 yard. If it was an easy job it would probably be about $300 in my neck of the woods.

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