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Rock Valley, IA
do you guys mark sprinkler heads when you dethatch with a solid steel tine dethatcher. will it damage the heads?

rvsuper's son who is trying to start up this year


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Yea, the dethatcher will chew up the sprinkler heads. Better to be safe than to loose money on the job because of having to replace them. The best way is to use flags, but you can also use something like orange paint. Cut a can in half and put it over the sprinkler head. Then paint around the edges of the can. Simple, eh?
On most properties I just hand the flags to the homeowner and tell them to mark the sprinklers before I get there. Then inform them that if it's not marked and gets damaged I'm not responsable.

Five Diamond Lawns

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Olympia, Wa
Yes, by all means have the customer mark the heads!!!!!

If you don't have them marked you own them:( :( :(

I tell my customers, It dosn't matter what they use, cups, plates, fire wood, anything so I don't hit them. Then it's there problem if they miss marking one.