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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justmjc, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. justmjc

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    Do you think this mass exodus of jobs leaving the automotive sector and related, will have a little or substantial effect upon our business? It's getting terrible over at the big 3. They're making cuts each and every month, little by little so none go noticed. Many in the auto design sector. Lear corp shut down a plant in Auburn Hills, and JCI shut one down in Grand Rapids, I think. This is becoming a nightmare as the middle class continues to shrink around here. I know people that can't find work, have been off for over a year, and have run out of money and unemployment. It's unfortunate.

    But, do you think we will see much less call for our services?
  2. Leone LawnCare

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    i think that a lot of those guys that cant find jobs will start lawn services which will hurt us.

    I think that the economy will go up as we near a new president
  3. CamLand

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    Oh boy your opening a can of worms...
  4. Scenic Lawnscape

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    Like cam said i think you are opening a Huge can of worms
  5. mtdman

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    I dunno.

  6. mtdman

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    To elaborate, things were much worse off economy wise a few years ago right after the 9-11 attacks. Personally, I didn't experience any sort of slow down of business then. I think that maybe out of work people would try to get into the business, but are going to face the same problems that any newbies or scrubs face at startup. My worry would be the affect on pricing with all the newbies, but when you consider most small businesses fail, and most people would drop the venture if offered a full time job again, the long term impact wouldn't be that great. But as I said before, really I dunno.

  7. joshua

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    Seriously when is it going to stop, its getting old. How is it that when someone loses a account its to a scrub or a lowballer. Just because they don't have perfect uniforms or brand new equipment they're a scrub; or if they bid lower than you they cut your throat? How is that possible, because i'm pretty positive we all started out like that or somehwere along those lines. Not to mention how can you say there cutting your throat, seriously; they might have an overhead 1/3 yours and might bring in my profit than you. I can go on and on about this but i won't there's no need.

    How bout everyone starts a new trend, this will be something new for most of you. How bout instead od complaining and feeling sorry, everyone thinks and discusses ways on making there company more productive, more profitable, more quality, ect ect ect.
  8. DennisF

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    I'm a retired autoworker (GM) from southeast Michigan, and I know exactly how you feel. I worked for the General for 32 years and retired in 02. During those years I experienced a lot of layoffs and hard economic times.
    But don't lose confidence. The Michigan economy is very resilient and will bounce back ( as soon as we lose Dubya ) and good times will roll again.

    GO BLUE!!!
  9. mtdman

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    Who's complaining about scrubs here? I thought we were talking about laid off workers starting lcos, and the affect of local layoffs on the economy in Michigan. Just because newbies and scrubs were mentioned doesn't mean we are complaining about them. I think it's a fact that many newbies and scrubs don't charge enough at first, and that it's a real concern to those of us who would like to earn an appropriate wage for the work we do. Especially those of us who are legit.
  10. joshua

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    I probably should of started a new thread for this but i thought this one would be ok to put it in. Now on to what you said; if people spent more time on focusing there energy on there company and improving there stratigies they wouldn't have to worry bout losing customers to someone with a lower price.( I don't see many americans complaining about dell computers being the cheapest out there. ) Face it we're in the service industry that is just coming out of a ression, everyone is watching there bottom line, weather its commercial, industrial, or residential accounts. If everyone was focused on higher quailty and improving there business they wouldn't have to worry about losing customers. Anyways if and i do mean if you were to lose a customer to a scrub or lowerballer they aren't the type of customer you really want. I remember when i first signed up on this site, there were actually topics worth reading with substence. But then again we truely are in the age of not doing anything for ourselfs and not hitting the search buttom before asking a question thats been asked 10 times a month. Then again thats probably why you don't see most of the members post much that were members 2 and 3 years ago. Sorry i just had to get this off my chest.

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