Devin's Lawns Service. 2011 thread.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by devins, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. devins

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  2. 93Chevy

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    Oh cool, you have a trimmer. I've never seen one before. Heard a lot about them though.
  3. teamgreendude

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  4. devins

    devins LawnSite Member
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    idk also. someone sent me a p.m. on here about that.
  5. devins

    devins LawnSite Member
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    some of the rig, and a couple stripes on a weekly lawn.




  6. nick2765

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    dont listen to that other guy that blower rack is really cool, im going to try to construct something similar now from looking at that
  7. j-ville native

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    I think the blower rack is goofy too. You have so much room on your trailer why not just set the blower in the corner of the trailer? You could even put a chain or even a bike lock through it to attach it to the rail to lock it up if your worried about theft.
  8. devins

    devins LawnSite Member
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    i picked up some "new" equipment past couple weeks.
    got a Honda harmony FG100 tiller from a family friend for free, just had to put $100.00 into it for a gearbox rebuild. Its a nice little 4 stroke tiller.

    next i am painting my super Z rims black, with chrome center caps, i like the look.

    last just picked this up today, a older, like 80's John Deere 36in walk-behind belt driven. its got a 11 horse b&s motor. not in the best shape, but was only $150.00 so if i put 200 in it i come out ahead with a great mower.

    Also a picture of my dads 2000 dodge, i washed all up. now to the pictures! :clapping:





  9. lawnman101

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    What brand and model is that cap on the dodge ram it looks amazing.
  10. devins

    devins LawnSite Member
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    lawnman101- i know its a Leer signature,and to the best of my knowledge its an older 100xl model. my dad bought it back in 01.

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