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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by meets1, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Well I could throw that factor in to estimating as well, maybe even throw in who is cutting, how deep they typically cut, barometric pressure, and wind age, but I do value my free time lol...
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    Career success is what makes us fortunate to be able to enjoy "free time".

    Charging for blade consumption is easy. No different than estimating the cost of grass seed needed for turf restoration at the end of a job. only takes about 3 seconds, literally. Everyone should already have "Diamond Blade" as a line item on their job cost sheet. This is something that computers make life easy for us.

    I do factor in that Techo pavers will eat more blade. If it's a large job, with a lot of linear feet of cutting I may throw in the cost of an entire blade so we're covered.

    If you've ever had repair work done to your car you will see on the bill that the shop charged you a percentage of the bill to cover shop expenses. Such as carb cleaner, brake cleaner, penetrating fliud, shop rags, etc.

    When I had the A/C unit replaced at another house the repair guy counted exactly how many wire connectors, how much wire, etc. he used and it was itemized on the bill.

    When the exaust manifold on our dump truck was replaced some bolts were rusted and broke - the truck repair facility charged me for a full can of penetrating fluid for soaking the bolts.

    I even have a line item charge for marking paint. Small jobs are factored for half a can at $6.50 / can. Large jobs are factored for 1, sometimes 2 cans, at $6.50 / can.

    Folk - the profit margins for hardscaping are minimal. You can not give things away, you must charge for them, they're costing you money. If you wanna make a profit at hardscapes - you gotta recover all your costs. Blade use is just one item contractors neglect. FActor in all the other things people leave out and it adds up. I could write all afternoon about this.
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    DVS did you get my pm? Id like to talk to you
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    Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know it was there. When logging in with a smart phone you don't have the thing at the top of the screen that tells you there are PMs. I'll heck it later this evening.
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    No worries. Speaking of diamond blades what saw do you guys prefer ? I use a husky but its kicky
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    I agree with footage price as well. Went and looked at a walkway around house, to deck, off deck back to garage door. Easy little walk way but the slopes, the grade, I totld the couple this cost plus type of job. As far as blades - I started with $200+ blades with the thinking these are what other are using, I gotta have them too but then on a whim I was forced to buy a cheap blade $75 i think, I have not looked back since. But as effecient as I think I am with these bids, estimates, etc blades never really crossed my mine to include in a take off list.
  7. Krafty

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    I totally agree with this, if I/you dont cover your cost you don't make a profit. What I was getting at was you cover your cost, but at some point it becomes more profitable to generalize some (keyword some) of your cost.

    For instance DVS are you charging more for your quarry rock right now?? (not sure where you are located) here in the midwest we are in a bad drought right now... Bad drought means the quarry is watering the piss out of rock to keep the dust down, essientally you are paying for water... Are you factoring in that cost??

    How about employee weight and extra water your guys take to the jobsite in this heat, cost more in gas for more weight. Are you factoring in that cost??

    No probably not, and I too could give you examples all afternoon of cost that you more then likely do not have a "line item" for.

    Back to the original topic. Yes we most definetly factor in cost for diamond blades, but how you cost it into a job can only be determined by you the business owner. Some go to the nats A** and others like us have found it best to average our cost of liner ft cut per month by the amount of diamond blades we go through per month.:drinkup:
  8. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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    Krafty and Extreme check into the $65 blades at Equip rental in St. Charles. They seem to be lasting for a long time. Problem is they cut slower when hot, but have been lasting for awhile.
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    A more expensive blade probably is better.

    BUT.......is it worth the outrageous cost????

    I became buddies with a diamond blade sales rep, when he quite the company he worked for he told me that the mark up on the blades was through the roof.

    Maybe if the $225 blades were sold for $150 to $160 I would use them. But $200 or more and it's not happening. You priced yourself out of a sale. Blade sellers lose. Local supplier wins.
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    My best reason (maybe you guys won't think it's a good one) for buying a good quality diamond blade is because I have had a couple problems cutting through material and pushing the material probably harder than i should have only to start stalling the saw and wrecking the drive belts (MK gas saw).
    With my good blades I really don't experience that any more. I don't know this for sure, maybe someone will , but I personally think the cheaper blades wobble like they aren't close to balanced
    Some of his probably doesn't apply to the hand helds

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