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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by meets1, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. DVS Hardscaper

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    Zedo, I'm beginnin to think you musta inherited a pile of money. It seems to be no object to you :)

    Why would a person wait till the last minute to replace a blade and suddenly have to halt the work and drive to get a new blade? Do you wait till your brake pads are so worn that they grind the rotors?

    Being materials come from a supplier, a contractor is usually at the supplier on a weekly basis. Or having product delivered on a weekly basis. "Oh, My Dear Supplier, while you're bringing material, can you include a couple 14" blades?" "You can? Awesome. You're the Greatest"

    So far it seems the majority participants here are against paying $200+ for blades. And are in agreement of satisfaction of the results produced by the lower priced blades.

    Good work class :usflag:
  2. meets1

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    For me it was a learning experieince - something so small that was kinda over looked. I have now set steps in place to cover our blades. No matter the amount of blades you guys use, 200 or 2, you'll need to adjust the business model and modify things as you go.

    Bottom line for me now, there is a line on the take off sheet for blades, not $200 one's but ones that are $75 - $100 (quality purchased) and make us a little more profitable!
  3. joes169

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    As a concrete & masonry contractor with at least 7 saws running on a regular basis, I certainly lean towards the higher quality, material specific blades in the $2-300 range. If you take the time to become educated on how the blades are put together, how the bonding is specified for every use, and the type of diamonds being used on the blade, you might be surprised at the difference. I'm not saying that every $200 blade is better than its' $60 equivalent, but there's no doubt that a $200 blade from a top notch producer is a better value.........

    And yes I've tried the "cheapo" blades in the past and have gotten burned........
  4. alldayrj

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    I use my demo saw to cut everything, concrete, asphalt, stone, brick, block etc. it hits dirt, metal, wood, so it gets the cheap blade. the table saw gets a cheap blade too, but thats because i'm too cheap to buy an expensive one!!
  5. AztlanLC

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    Can I ask what brands do u use, I know there has to be a good blade out there that cuts faster and last longer like when I tried the hilti the first time.
  6. zedosix

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    Try Husqvarna brand, good ones sell (here in canada) for 3 to 400 they'll last for months on end and cut thru a 5" block in half the time of the "el cheapos"
  7. zedosix

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    Is that the best you can do Andrew:rolleyes:
  8. AztlanLC

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    Thanks zedo I will try them and then make my final decision
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    The saying "you get what you pay for" is a saying I believe in.

    But being many of us here have actually used various blades - experience and first hand knowledge supersede.

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  10. vtscaper

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    my experience with diamond blades has taught me this. price barely matters. It is all in the manufacturing-steel strength, flux for the diamonds, balancing etc. because we do a lot of precision cutting with stone consistency of the cut is almost as important as speed.

    after years trying different blades I still can't say that we use the best blade with the most value to us...but we have narrowed it down. I have spent several hundred ea on supposedly top o the line cats ass blades and found them to be all over the place in terms of quality.

    We spend about $100 on blades now and buy about a half dozen at a time. From a company that i won't mention, but is probably one that has harassed all of you in one form or fashion..and these guys are the tamer group of the ruthless diamond blade merchants.

    They work great. last a long time and are consistent.

    I definetely WOULD NOT line item this unless its a big enough job where this would be substantial enough to show the client a break out cost. which we have never done... i just figure it into my cost of opening shop every day: we use 6 blades times $100 each equals $600 a year which needs to be recovered..and we get it through our labor rate.

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