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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by meets1, Jul 19, 2012.

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    OK....I throw my hat into this, and will try to be as objective as I can be...

    Call this Confessions of a Diamond Blade Salesman if you like....

    I entered this industry in 1994, the good old Wild West Days of Diamond Blades, when a cheap blade was $200, and good ones were $500+. After witnessing and taking part in some shady operations of that company, and being personally screwed after 3+ years, I left the industry and didn't look back. I won't mention their name, but I would be willing to wager a great many of you either deal with, or have dealt with them...and for that I'm sorry!

    Anyway, about 2 years ago I was given an opportunity to get back in, and reluctantly accepted. Since then, I have been amazed at how much AND how little things changed. Some companies still out tremendous mark-ups on their blades, and some customers still believe a Home Depot blade is the same as a specialized blade....

    What separates a $50 blade from a $200 blade today? Two things- salesperson/supplier, and purpose. Where I am now, we are given incentive to work on lower margins, and build relationships over time. For a customer that has never used us, unless they are a referral, we are limited to selling 3 blades maximum. Why? Because until you use them, you don't know what will work best, and if you don't like them, we don't want anyone to be stuck with inventory they hate!

    As far as country of origin, MK, Hilti, Husqvarna- all are made oversees and private labeled. We import from China, Korea, Israel, and Italy. Our larger, professional blades for concrete cutters are made in USA, but those are blades that start at 24" and over $1,000....

    Bottom line, speak to a salesman, and see how knowledgeable they are- not just of their blades, but your industry. Do they know what types of sand you use, and if you use your compactor before placing the pavers, after, or both? Do they tell you their blades will last 2x as long without asking what you're currently using?

    Ok...think I'm done. Feel free to ask any questions if you would like.
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    See! I told you guys! Andy (zedo) owes me a "yup, you were right"!

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    Apparently my last post was too commercial, mea culpa.

    DVS, he is up in Canada, and they have a completely different aggregate, and with Country tariffs and shipping, blades can be quite a bit more expensive for him- a $125 blade can easily be nearly $200 when all is said and done...

    But in general, you don't have to pay more than $150 for the BEST non specialty blades from most places.
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    I ended up getting a used 14" cutoff saw this fall.

    Bought a harbor freight blade for 70 bucks. Worked like a charm and didn't wear out on me like I expected.

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    Here's the good news for contractors, semi-bad news for guys like me...

    There are very few "BAD" blades anymore, at least from major retailers. However, on the other side of the coin there are more "Better" blades available at reasonable cost.

    It really comes down to how often you use a saw, and how specific the material is. If you're cutting nothing but old concrete a couple times a month, a cheepie is perfect, and will last. If you're cutting thin veneer, high PSI pavers, then you need a better blade.

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