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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by RedRebel, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. RedRebel

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    Ok I need some advice regarding diamond blades and concrete cutting.
    I will be using it for mostly cutting cured concrete,but it may see some sawcutting for contraction joints. Is there a brand or style that anyone recomends? Are the ebay cheapos worth anything for the price? I am really unsure on the type grit and hardness on the blades and what I really need. :dizzy: Also, do youall usually cut wet or dry? I dont like the slurry when cut wet(its almost impossible to remove, but I dont like the dust when cutting dry also. I am told that blade life is increased by 25% when cut wet. Is there any truth in that? I have not done any long distance cutting, but what kind of distance can I expect out of a 14" blade cutting 4" concrete on average?
    Any reviews, recomendations, or advice would be apprciated.
  2. ksss

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    As far as the hardness you would want to get a blade made for cured and not green concrete. I never tried anything off of Ebay but if they are from a reputable company than they should be fine. I try to use water when practical. Its a bit of mess but the blades last a lot longer. 25% is conservative. I would say about twice as long when using water. I have never tracked the total feet I have gotten out of blade. With all the variables not sure its really possible. A lot of times its impossible to get water to the saw so you cut dry and cut the life of the blade. There are special blades for cutting asphalt and I have found its best to keep asphalt blades for asphalt and concrete just for concrete. I know there are all purpose blades but it I have had the best luck buying for the specific application. Cutting concrete sucks with a demo saw. The walk behind models are easier but I seldom rent them. I usually make do with my Husky/Partner 760. They do make neat little carts for these saws but I have not made that purchase yet.
  3. RedRebel

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    Last but not least, what do you usually charge by lf in your area? I am doing alittle work and I bid it at 3.00 per lf for 4" concrete and came out ok, but I was wondering the general price the market would bear.
  4. crab

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    i cut wet and dry ,i use only 2 brands dixie and latux,if you are cutting dry in hard material granite etc for the price you will get your moneys worth.
  5. RedRebel

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    Has anyone used a quikcart with a demo saw to cut concrete? I am curious on how good/sturdy/usable they really are.
    Also, has anyone installed a roller wheel kit on their demo saw? I was thinking that might be much more forgiving on sidewalks and shorts cuts...One like this

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