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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by PAPS, Nov 15, 2002.

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    For some time now I have been using MK 12'' diamond blades on our Parnter 700. I cannot begin to tell you how many blades I have gone through this year. (since April), I would speculate about 12-15 easy. Can someone please recommend a blade that is going to last me some time... I use the MK because a local supplier stocks them, so if someone here can steer me in a better direction that would be great. We use our saw every-day and do mainly pavers/wall block cutting with some concrete every once and awhile. I dont mind spending the money on a more expensive blade, no just tell me what the best is - thanks
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    I agree with what others said in the referenced thread about using only top quality blades.
    I have been cutting stone since 1973, & have done a lot of experimentation with different manufacturers & grades of blade.
    I will use nothing but the "premium" or top of the line blades in my shop.
    We do most of our sawing on large table saws with wet blades made specifically for the stone we are sawing.
    Dry blades are a bit harder to choose. Many people want a "do everything" blade. There are many "general purpose" dry blades out there. I sell blades from several manufacturers, & will list my opinions.

    For sawing stone with small diameter blades, 4" - 7", my choice is the "Alpha Plus". It is a turbo style blade which cuts very freely in a wide range of stone types. This is what we use on our small hand saws.

    For sawing pavers & stone with a 7" saw, look at the Hilti DC-D 7" G.P. blade, Hilti item No. 00315464. We started selling these about 3 years ago, & they outsell all our other brands almost ten to one.

    For Demo saws, Hilti has a relatively new blade, the DS-B 12" or DS-B 14", which is also a G.P dry blade. They cut very agrresively thru a wide range of materials, & last a very long time. I don't sell a lot of them, as they are quite expensive. The customers who have bought them keep coming back every 6 months or so, & buying another.

    For a great selection of both G.P. & type specific blades, look into the Diamond Products Core Cut blades. http:\www.diamondproducts.com
    We sell a lot of their 'Economy Green' series to contractors who don't want to spend a lot on a blade. For folks who are willing to pay for a better blade, there is a middle grade 'Heavy Duty Orange' series, which are comparable to many manufacturer's premium grades. I would recommend the "H8H" spec for sawing mostly concrete pavers.
    They also have a nice "semi turbo" style blade, called the "High Performance Turbo" series. These are segmented blades, with some slots incorporated into the segments, which makes for a very fast aggresive cut. We sell quite a few of the HPT7H in this series, in 7", 12", & 14".

    Above all, remember that you get what you pay for. We sell the cheapest 12" Corecut for $150.00 (list price $185.00), & the more expensive Hilti's & Corecuts in the $350.00 to $375.00 range.

    HTH, David
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    I'm going to tell you tha name of a mfg NOT to use. I believe it's RBI.

    The blades are OK, and the price is OK. Neither one is that great. I didn't like that they didn't have a spec sheet or catalog for me to review, but if the blade was great, I'd go with it.

    But like I said, it wasn't outstanding.

    The thing that made me furious was for the rest of the season I would get calls from this place, people wanting to confirm the blade order I just made. The thing was, I didn't make any of the rest of the orders. Either the company was hoping that I forgot, or the rep was being underhanded. In either case I had to make multiple calls of the year to their offices to get them to forever take me off of their calling lists.

    Oh yeah, and the goofball sales rep would page me, too. The clerical person would not forward my message to the rep when I returned the page, when I told her that if this rep called again I'd visit their office and personally strangle the rep. :mad:
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    Paps... if youÂ’re using 15 blades in a season something is wrong!

    I am not familiar with the blade your using but either it is really cheap or they are being abused.... binding the blade when cutting or using it on materials you shouldn't. We never use a diamond blade on any poured concrete we may have to cut. Opting for the disposable for those jobs. Concrete may have many large stone pieces or RE-Bar.... Chew a $400 dollar blade up in a hurry.
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    I will have to add my 'ebay' purchases to this story (as you would all come to expect!)

    I was using all partner blades....the economy, the elites, etc. Good blades, but I never really got 'incredible' life out of any of them, no matter what grade/quality.

    Now, I'm going the 'disposable' blade route. Maybe you don't have time, but I've been buying blades on ebay for quite some time..

    I will say this, I don't know who makes them, or what 'they' mean when they say they are 'premium' blades, but I know that they are cheap.

    If you log on, you can usually put about 10 bids on 10 different items and win a few 12" and 14" blades from anywhere in the $35-$55 dollar range.

    Overall, I'll say the blades aren't that bad at all......I will be willing to say they are just as good as the partner economy blades, which will run me around $125-$175.

    For the same price as a cheap partner blade, I can get 3 'ebay' blades.......and will say I get a lot more use out of the 3 than the 1. Also, for the price of one 'elite' partner blade, I may be able to get 6,7, maybe even 8 'ebay' blades...........if you do the math, you end up getting more for you money.

    The only downfall is yes, you have to change blades more often, but not really a big deal.

    Also, been able to get big 16" blades now for under $100. A nice thing to have when you need to make that occasional deep saw cut.

    They may not be the best, but they seem to work.

    Plus, it gives me somethig to do on rainy days!

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    I've been using the e-bay blades from a vendor called "sunsunsun" usually getting 12" for under $70 and 14" fro under $85. They don't set the world on fire but last every bit as long as the $150-$200 blades from Dimond Blade Warehouse. On my last wet saw blade another vendor, whom I still deal with , sold me a premium 10" blade saying I'd get 40% more life for my extra $50. I let them know that they were wrong. Lasted about as long as my GP blades at $100. There's also some dealers in the trade mags. Hope this helps.
  8. PAPS

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    I just bought (2) 12'' blades from a guy on Ebay called MydealsDirect, for $57.00 with the shipping. I figured I'd give it a shot for a mere $57.00 it can't be too bad. If each blade last me 2 weeks, it will be just as good as the $160.00 MK blades i been buying, but now atleast I am only paying $26.50 a pop.

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    Hey Paps,

    I used the Mk blades and I agree that they disappear very fast. A friend turned me onto a new blade. They are called Diamond Back blades. I get them from a supplier in central NJ called CRIS SUPPLIES ALLENTOWN, NJ 08501 (609) 484-2798. Give them a try I thing you will be more than happy. I use the 10" on my paver saw and 14" on my Stihl saw. I have nothing but good things to say about these blades.
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    Some interesting Info I thought I'd share with you all..........lol.

    I got a MK order catalog at the beginning of the year.

    In case you MIGHT be wondering, here are some prices....

    MK10S / 30S / 50S 14" list......478 supplier........$150

    MK304D 12" list......371 supplier........$64

    Mk304D 14" list......470 supplier.......$82

    Mk101 (10" wet saw) list .....1065 supplier.......$640(with stand

    Just a few of the prices......(list is suggested retail price, so probably is higher than what selling price is, but with some of the crooks around me, not necessarily)

    Not for nothing, but diamond blades have HUGE markups! I gasp when I have to pay the prices these guys are asking for them......

    As stoneseller mentions, he sells blades that list for 185 for 150.........I know he won't admit it, but I bet that blade costs him about $45! I only wish I could markup like that on plant material!

    But, as with most of the 'trade tools' we buy, we get hammered on the price, so why would we expect anything else.

    I definetely feel the 'ebay' route can substantially cut out the middle men and get you a decent blade for a 1/4 the price.

    The internet is a beutiful thing! In case your interested, one guy has had K650's for sale, new in box, going anywhere in the range of 400 to 600.......they go for 800 in stores(even 800 on alamia.com......I've picked up two for the price of one!


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