Diamond Zoysia. 75"

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Here's the lawn we renovated this year. Id say its looking pretty damn good
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  2. greendoctor

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    Now go run a Honda HRC 216 over it or if the lawn is big enough for a rider, a Scag or Dixie Chopper. Just kidding. I recently bought a Toro Greensmaster 1000 from a golf course turning over its fleet. This is a mower that leaves stripes even in warm season grass.
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    Looks very nice. You can see how dense it is from being cut properly. Hang in there Chris, someday you will be able to afford a Walker and do some real quality work then :D
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    What does the 75" refer to? Was this existing turf, sod install or what? What height is it mowed at? Looks great BTW.
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    I'm guessing he didn't mean to put a space after the decimal point so it's .75" or 3/4" Height of cut. He says it's a renovation so I assume it was an existing lawn, definitely sod because zoysia seed sucks to deal with. Btw I think it looks awesome too.
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    Looks real good.

    Just curious, hows the SD thing going?
  7. Brian is correct...its being cut at 3/4". Thanks for the compliments guys. Im not the only one who keeps it looking good Plantculture on here does the fert/pest control and guided me along with the renovation.

    I have to say zoysia is my fav turf down here...i love diamond and empire.

    I am curious though what a walker cut lawn at say 1-1.25" looks like assuming we are talking flat surface. I still think the cost and upkeep of a walker is right there with a tru-cut if not more.

    Larry i will pm you.
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  8. greendoctor

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    What is the Walker blade made out of, carbide? Reason why I ask is that zoysia is highly abrasive. The moment a blade is not razor sharp, it leaves frayed tips that turn white a few hours later. Is the Walker blade a low vacuum blade also, to reduce swirling. I know a local Polo field that uses a Walker mower to mow common bermuda. Grass does not look nearly as good as it could vs what even a non powered gang reel would do. Shredding of leaf tips, disruption of stolons trying to tack down and scalping/gouging anywhere the ground is not marble flat.
  9. greendoctor

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    In sun and provided there is a willingness to mow correctly, zoysia is a super grass. Only thing is, it is rough on mowers. Failure to do the required maintenance on the mower leaves a hideous cut and makes the job harder than it has to be. A reel mower with plenty of relief ground into the back of each blade and set for light contact blazes through. I think the clutch design on the Tru-Cut leave much to be desired.

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