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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sheppard, May 28, 2002.

  1. sheppard

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    Having bad problems with my Huskvarna 325l trimmer- bogs down after it gets nice and hot. Problem is also the brand new loaner the dealership lended me did the same thing. They switched out a new carb, cleaned everything imaginable, and the thing still bogs down and will not stay functional.

    Question. I did a search on Robin trimmers and found very little. They lent me one and it is very quiet, seems to have close to the power of my Husky, the trimmer guard is in the way most of the time & it's a bit heavier than the Husky.

    Any reason I should not seriously look at the Robin? Prefer not to go with Stihl- the dealership locally has not treated customer's well regarding warrenties and such.

    The other on I'm considering is Redmax. Can get both the Redmax & Robin for under $300.00.

    Thyoughts? Advice?

  2. yardmonkey

    yardmonkey LawnSite Senior Member
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    I got my Robin BH2500 4-cycle over a year ago. Best trimmer I have used. Very quiet, lightweight, low vibration. Had to order it from Wisconsin. After much abuse, it finally developed a problem. A mechanic found that the teeth on some plastic parts that control the choke had worn out. This will be easy to fix. The manual includes a list of all parts. I once had to replace the guard shield - it is made of a more brittle plastic than on most trimmers. After the problem developed, I bought a Honda 4-cycle. Very disappointed. Less power, more vibration, much heavier, the trigger sticks, the head is hard to open and close to restring. I got another Robin and will soon fix the old one. One of the best things about the Robin is the head - to restring it, you twist it open, restring, then twist it back on. On quite a few other trimmers (Shindaiwa, Stihl, Honda), you have to line up four tabs into four slots in a certain way to put the head back together, and when you take it apart, several loose parts fall out. If I was going to keep the Honda I would put a Robin head on it. I have been very happy with the Robin BH2500. Although I can't get parts locally, there are people around who will work on them. I have heard good things about Makita, and someone told me Robin is making those too (or at least the engines).
  3. gogetter

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    Any Shindawia dealers near you? I got 2 of thier T-230's at about $229 each and have had no problems at all. Love 'em.
  4. sheppard

    sheppard LawnSite Senior Member
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    The same dealer that has the Stihl's. May have to get them online or sommething...

  5. Parrothead

    Parrothead LawnSite Member
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    I've used Robins for ten years with no problems at all. Plenty of power, unlike a Redmax I demoed. It was so weak the dealer quit carrying them after about six months after they got several of us to try them, nobody wanted one. So if those are your choices, go with the Robin.
  6. khouse

    khouse LawnSite Bronze Member
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    did they clean out the exhaust port?
  7. Grasshog

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    I'm your Robin man. I use nothing but Robin products, trimmers. edgers, blowers, hedge trimmers, if it says Robin I'l buy it with out secound thought. Normaly pay a little extra for Robin products. When you are talking no down time with Robin, you dont mind the extra. I have one blower thats 5 years old, used daily. The only time it didnt start for me is when a 36"wb wasnt tied down on the trailer it slamed into the blower and broke off the choke. Now I know one day a piece of euipment might break down but I dont expect it will anytime soon.

    You cant go wrong with Robin. Great power, nice weight and its a pretty color to.

    I have friends who use Sthl. They are allways making adjustments on their blowers. To me that just another pain I dont need during my day. :D
  8. Tony Harrell

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    What about cleaning the exhaust port? Are you talkig about removing carbon? Reason I ask, I had to buy a new Ryobi in an emergency (split shaft stripped) and noticed that the new one is very crisp and runs better.
  9. sheppard

    sheppard LawnSite Senior Member
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    They checked the exhaust port first. I thought it might be bad gas but my blower and edger are working fine.

    Two Husky's having the same problem ( and on of them brand spankin new ) is not a good thing. It's spoiled my opinion of Husky 2 stroke stuff. Their chain saws have seemed to keep their vaulted staus however.


    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    ROBIN string trimmers are real popular here!

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