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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by blk90s13, May 26, 2013.

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    I think its a neat idea in theory, however I see it as impractical. there are too many things we do to manipulate the head of a trimmer to get everything we are trimming. it would not be time efficient to add another contraption "designed" to make life easier. its a good bar conversation piece but I see it as a hinderance and most would probably just yank the thing off the mower and go back to the way they used to do it. with that said, I dont see it being a HUGE seller. im sure many will purchase! but enough to make a profit before the word gets out that its gimmicky? hardly in my opinion.
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    Only $250,000? Hell, I'll take 3!
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    I'm out. Our guys could break that in short order.
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    you guys are missing the point..he's selling the "business" patent, the idea, everything, and working product, for 250,000 dollars which is an extremely high evaluation. I would ask the guy what his sales are so far, if any and see what he's selling them for retail and then wholesale, then see what his profits are then make an offer from there if i was serious. but his eval is really high.
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    looks even more useless than that deck driven attachment style trimmer that already went out of business.
  8. herler

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    It costs three to four times more per hour to have a Ztr in operation than it does a string trimmer.

    Just in terms of the replacement cost alone.
    A top of the line trimmer costs $500 new.
    A ztr, closer to ten grand.
    That's to buy, and replace.
    Assuming we get a thousand hours out of each, it would cost 50 cents an hour to replace the trimmer.
    $10 an hour to replace the Ztr.

    That is how in addition to fuel and upkeep each one of those machines costs money, per every hour it is used.
    And the higher the cost of the machine, the more money it costs, per hour.

    Thus this equipment cost makes it to where it's not cost effective due to the hourly cost of operating a Ztr just to do the trimming.
    Roughly speaking I wouldn't want to spend near $40 an hour to ride a Z while trimming...
    When I can walk around with that same trimmer for $10 an hour.
    I mean unless I'd have to be feeling some awful kind of lazy.

    The figures are kind of rough, they merely serve to illustrate my point.

    A trap to carry a trimmer around on large commercial properties might have its benefits.
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    I wouldnt even think about getting it. Like another member stated we have to manipulate the head in many different directions/angles so this is useless for anyone that trims the way your supposed to to get a nice clean edge. waste of time and money imo
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    You're right, I missed that. I just figured the price was a typo. :)
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