did anyone see

The ad in Lawn and landscape magazine for Great dane?. You can get a super surfer stand on Chariot rider Scamper walk behind three weed wackers hedge trimmers trailor its about 23,000.00 worth of equipment for 230 a month. All they dont give you is the truck to pull it.


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Yeah,and it'll only take you 8 years to pay for it,even if you get it without any financing charges.
What great deal(Not)


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John Deere Credit is offering the program. It's refered to the INTRODUCTORY Payment Program.The first 12 months are 1% of the total amount financed, the remaining months are calculated at 3% of the total amount financed. This equates to a term of 51 months @ 9.9%. Use it if you want to leverage the first twelve months with revenue stream. Or they offer 3.9% at some dealerships. Also, the IPP will allow you to finance your trailer as well.


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yup, I was just looking at that ad about 15 mins ago. The question though is how long are the payments? I think that it would be a great deal for a small operation