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Did anyone take the 3a test in Indiana today?


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Northern Indiana
Ed and I didnt think it was nearly as hard as the ornamental test. We got the 3b certification, now we just gotta wait for this one. How did everyone else do?



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Martinsville, IN
Check the link at the top of this forum and click on Indiana. You will find what you need there. It is illegal to apply and fertilizer/pesticide to anyone's yard commercially without being insured and licensed!

Precision Care

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Hey wright I see your truck on the west side once in awhile. I got my 3b last year and my 3a this past feb. Study the pictures. They have lots of pictures.


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Hummmm-----------Good to see all ya Hosiers in one spot. I usually do the "off site" testing at H&R Block on Crawfordsville Rd. It saves a road trip to Laf. and only cost about $50.00.
Stop and say Howdy next time ya drive by.